A Handlebar Moustache Can Be A Good Change Of Pace

A handlebar moustache is something that you may see a number of bikers wear. A lot of people may not realize that you can look fairly different with a handlebar moustache. Daniel Day Lewis wore a handlebar mustache for his role in “There Will Be Be Blood.” Lewis did a very good job of fitting with the style of that time period.

Daniel Day Lewis Moustache

William H. Macy is another actor that has worn a handlebar mustache in a film, the mustache does help a number of people actually remember the film. A film can be bad with a dry plot and people will still remember the handlebar mustache that a given actor was rocking in order to be true to the role.

It may not be a full blown handlebar mustache in Macy’s case, but at least he made the effort to grow something. A handlebar mustache is something that you may see on a few bikers as a joke and Macy was in the movie “Wild Hogs.” Wild Hogs may not have been a great movie, but it may have a fair number of fans that happen to sport facial hair. It makes sense for someone with a handlebar moustache to watch that film.



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