Best Moustaches

Some of the best moustaches are those that have people looking at you and thinking, “what a cool stache.” What makes the best stache is largely a matter of preference.

Yosemite Sam Moustache

Some like big Yosemite Sam type handle bar moustaches, some like small pencil type moustaches. One stache that many people seem to like is the big handle bar moustache featured by former major league pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter. He was named so for his big, distinctive moustache that was the focus of his face. It got him lots of noteriety in the pitching world. He was known a much for his moustache as his pitching ability.

Catfish Hunter Moustache


Some people think the best moustaches are the ones that get you noticed, and the moustache featured by this pitcher was no exception to this rule. Moustaches can be great, they keep your lips warm in the winter and can be a chick magnet. Try a handlebar moustache like Cat fish Hunters.


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