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Different Moustache Types

Moustaches have been around for ages and have been known to add structure and personality to men’s faces. There are different moustaches types to experiment and have fun; it all depends for the kind of look you are aiming for. Whether serious, geeky, funny or downright ridiculous; there’s always a moustache to accentuate your desired look.

Some moustache types:

Handlebar moustache; this moustache gives you something to turn and twirl by providing graspable extreme ends. The handlebar moustache can make you look evil or genteel; learned and sophisticated or ridiculous, depending on the accompanying look on your face. It is upturned at either ends.

John Travolta Handlebar Moustache

Scraggler moustache; this is the type that grows when you forget to shave or are too busy to get at it. It is undefined, unplanned, unpredictable and with uneven hairs.

Cowboy moustache; this moustache type is similar to a chevron moustache;only that it is ungroomed. It is common among cowboys and sheriffs (if you know what I mean) and may project trust and honor.

Ron Swanson Moustache

Other types include The Chevron, the Devil, American Default Standard, the Combination moustache, The Pencil, the Horseshoe Moustache type amongst others.

The Best Moustaches Make A Statement

Frank Zappa was someone that had a very unique mustache that made him recognizable in a crowd when he made public appearances. The best moustaches can only assist an artist in being able to get the extra attention that they need to stay relevant in popular culture. Frank Zappa was an eclectic performer that probably would not care if you told him he had one of the best moustaches. Zappa would just continue trying to shock all of his fans with his musical talents and overall flare for the dramatic.

Frank Zappa Moustache
The best moustaches can also appear on very famous public figures. The most famous American public figure to sport an extremely noticeable mustache would be Chester Alan Arthur. Chester Alan Arthur has been able to stay relevant in our minds, partially because of his facial hair. Arthur is also known for taking office following the death of James Garfield. The rumors that Arthur’s facial hair may have played a role in any assassination plot are unfounded. Arthur should certainly get consideration when talking about the best moustaches ever sported by a President. The truth is that the best mustaches are the ones that people remember.

Chester Arthur Moustache

Moustache Grooming: A Must!

If you like to sport a moustache, then it is imperative that you keep it looking good with appropriate moustache grooming. Nobody is going to be attracted to someone that has a huge, overgrown moustache that is un-kept. Whether you are looking to impress the ladies, the guys or just yourself, it will be more likely to happen if you keep yours properly groomed.

George Clooney Moustache

There are many different tools and products to help your grooming habits. You can find grooming tools like trimming scissors and motorized trimmer to help keep your moustache in line. Moustache grooming can also involve using products like dye to keep it looking just the way you want.

Jason Giambi Moustache


If your moustache is hard to tame, there are products like moustache wax that are designed to help with this problem. There is o shortage of products to help your moustache achieve the look you are going for. Whether you like yours short and trimmed or sport a longer one, moustache grooming is a must!

Three Famous Moustaches

What are some famous moustaches? Perhaps one of the most famous moustaches is silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin sported a toothbrush moustache along with over-sized hats. He began wearing it around 1914 in the Mack Sennett silent comedies because he calimed it gave him a comical look and it ‘added age without changing expression’.

Another famous moustache is that of Lionel Richie. He is known
as the father of Nicole Richie and th lead singer of the Commodores. In his video “Hello”, a blind artist is painting a picture of him with a moustache though she had never seen him.

Lionel Richie Moustache

Groucho Marx displayed one of the most iconic moustaches of all times. Most people don’t realize it was painted on using grease make-up. He did grow a natural moustache later. These are a few famous moustaches in the world. Many of them would look like a different person without them.

Groucho Marx Moustache

Best Moustaches

Some of the best moustaches are those that have people looking at you and thinking, “what a cool stache.” What makes the best stache is largely a matter of preference.

Yosemite Sam Moustache

Some like big Yosemite Sam type handle bar moustaches, some like small pencil type moustaches. One stache that many people seem to like is the big handle bar moustache featured by former major league pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter. He was named so for his big, distinctive moustache that was the focus of his face. It got him lots of noteriety in the pitching world. He was known a much for his moustache as his pitching ability.

Catfish Hunter Moustache


Some people think the best moustaches are the ones that get you noticed, and the moustache featured by this pitcher was no exception to this rule. Moustaches can be great, they keep your lips warm in the winter and can be a chick magnet. Try a handlebar moustache like Cat fish Hunters.

Throw a Moustache Party

Looking to throw a light-hearted shin-dig or a formal cocktail affair? Why not give your guests a little lip service with a moustache party?!

Moustache Party

The moustache has always been a coveted symbol of masculinity. The ability to cultivate a uniquely styled and trimmed moustache is often the trademark of the manly man. The styles of moustaches have changed throughout the years. Famous moustaches have graced the covers of articles and movie screens. Historical figures proudly adorned well-groomed moustaches. Celebrate the moustache and its cultural evolution throughout the years. Don’t forget the ladies when throwing a moustache party! Even females can get in on the action at a moustache party. The coveted symbol can be adhered above the upper lip by using self-adhesive accessories.

Justin Bieber Moustache

Moustaches can also be altered to create a more feminine look. For example, the use of rhinestones in lieu of synthetic facial hair and props can prove to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. A moustache party is a sure way to liven up any event while paying homage to the iconic symbol.

Different Types of Moustaches

Growing a moustache comes down to more than just the facial hair. There are several different types of moustaches that can make growing the perfect moustache a bit of a challenge. So in order to make your decision a bit easier, we are going to discuss 11 of the most popular moustache types so that you can grow yours with confidence.

Beginning with the natural moustache, this is the perfect choice for people who want a little bit of style, but without the need or necessity to use styling products. The only requirement for maintaining this moustache is a decent comb.

The second type is the English moustache which is similar to the first type in terms of being a handlebar moustache, but it also needs to be maintained with a small amount of wax.

English Moustache

The third type is the toothbrush moustache which involves shaving off both ends of a traditional moustache.

If you are looking for a thicker and wider version of the toothbrush, the fourth type known as the chevron might be a good match.

But what if time is on your side and you are in no rush to grow the perfect moustache? Then the fifth type which is known as the walrus moustache might be a good fit. It will take most people a very long time to achieve this particular style.

For those looking for simplicity but with the right amount of style, the sixth type is referred to as the pencil moustache and it’s narrow, straight, and thin in width like a pencil.

Moving onto the seventh type, we have the Dali moustache which is similar to the previous style, but has distinct curves on each side that point upward.

Are you a fan of the wild west? If so, then the wild west moustache will get you noticed and have you thinking about purchasing a ten-gallon hat. This is the eighth type and it would be an exceptional choice if you regularly find yourself riding a horse.

Wild West Moustache


Proceeding onward to the ninth type, we have the Zapata moustache which is named after the Mexican revolutionary, Emilano Zapata. You can easily recognize this style by looking at the ends of the moustache which are directed downward.

The imperial type is the tenth type of moustache and it has very noticeable curly corners.

Last but not least, the freestyle moustache is the perfect choice for people who like to spike their hair. Using either gel or max, you need to spike both ends in order to pull off this style.

Worldly Moustache Types

Most people in countries all over the world consider moustaches as a sign of masculinity. The manliest men seem to have moustaches. There are many moustache types. Some moustaches look funny as well. While some moustaches are clumsy, some men take extreme care to trim their moustache and make it look beautiful.


There are many neat moustache types. For example moustache adds charm to men like Chuck Norris and Tom Selleck. Hulk Hogan’s moustache is also popular among his fans around the world. In general, you can classify moustaches as Freestyle, Imperial, Dali, Hungarian, Pencil, English, Natural, Pancho Villa, Horse Shoe, Handlebar, Toothbrush, Chevron, the GG, Walrus and Fu Manchu.

Pencil Moustache

Some men have moustaches of their own style. They create a new type of moustache and maintain it with lots of care. They spend a lot of time to maintain it. It’s not easy to maintain the same shape unless you trim it and maintain it properly. You can find different moustache types over here.

Curly Moustache

Some Famous Moustaches That You Will Always Remember

Some people say that every “true man” should have a mustache. Not everyone agrees with this fact but there are some famous moustaches out there that strongly support the faction of people who say true men have mustaches. Take a look at Charlie Chaplin’s mustache which has become synonymous with the comedic icon.

Charlie Chaplin Moustache

Not only did the mustache make him cool but people worldwide grew and styled theirs after his. Even though emulating TV stars is nothing new, copying mustache styles is definitely weird if not crazy in itself. From the Charlie Chaplin mustache, Tom Selleck mustache to the Fu Manchu mustaches, they have definitely made an impact on the television world.

Tom Selleck Moustache

From the many famous moustaches out there during the years, people started to grow and style theirs the same way the celebrities were doing it. It did not matter if the mustache was small, long and curly or big and fury people did what their favorite celebrities did no matter how silly they looked. It was assumed to be cool to copy what you see on TV and no matter how silly people looked it didn’t matter as long as they apparently looked like their heroes.

Famous Moustaches Can Bring Success On The Mound

A number of sports stars have been known to wear a funny & famous mustache in the past. A relief pitcher may be the most likely to sport a funny mustache. The fact is that given how quirky some bullpen guys are, they certainly have time to grow a funny mustache. One of the most famous moustaches in the game of baseball was worn by Rollie Fingers. Rollie did not even give up on the mustache when he was traded to the San Diego Padres.

Rollie Fingers Moustache

Goose Goosage may have had one of the most famous moustaches in baseball history. Gossage was famous due to the record setting number of saves that he racked up during his career. Gossage would surely thank his facial hair for part of his success. Gossage may have been able to intimidate a number of hitters with his mustache. The rumors of Craig Nettles having nightmare about Gossage’s facial hair are unconfirmed.

Goose Goosage Moustache

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