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Wax on, wax off – the guide to popular moustache waxes

We all know the importance of looking sharp, and sometimes looking messy. Either way, your moustache maintenance is crucial, and behind every great moustache is a set of reliable and honest products. Here’s a quick guide to moustache wax products:


moustache firehousewax

Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky

This stuff is tough, really tough. If you can manage to scoop it out of the container, then you can take your perfectly groomed moustache wherever you choose. Humidity, rain, or desert heat, this Wacky Tacky Wax won’t wear out.

moustache amish

Honest Amish Original Wax

This stuff is for the purists. All natural and organic, it’ll help clean up your moustache, but don’t expect it to withstand the elements like Firehouse’s Wacky Tacky Wax.

moustache fusworth

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner¬†

With organic leatherwood beeswax and essential plant oils, this wax has everyone excited. In between the firmness of Wacky Tacky and Honest Amish, this product will also have your partner yearning for it’s smell.

The Best Moustache Grooming Tips

Moustache grooming is one thing that you should regularly do if you want to look presentable before your folks. Grooming the moustache is something that requires considerable time and attention. When trimming your moustache, there are various tips that you should consider. It is important that you grow a moustache that goes along with your face. This is because of the fact that moustaches usually enhance the way we want to appear before other people. One of the things that you can use to enhance the appearance of your moustaches is the Handlebar or Pencil.

Brian Williams Moustache

When grooming your moustache, it is important that you first f all decide and define the moustache that you wish to have. The type of style that you choose will be determined by the thickness and the length of your moustaches. Moustache grooming requires that you only shave outside the line of the moustache. This will help you clean and trim it properly with a razor blade when you want to achieve a particular symmetry.

Why Use a Moustache Trimmer?

If you wear a moustache, then you should definitely use a moustache trimmer. Why? Because it takes a very long time to trim a moustache properly with scissors. Also, facial hair can be quite course and may dull your scissors, and trimming hairs with dull scissors can be aggravating and painful. All it takes is for one hair to get caught in the scissors and it’s an eye watering and tragic event that can leave you afraid to continue with the process.

Moustache Trimmer

A moustache trimmer is great for many reasons. It cuts down on the time required to groom and clean up your moustache and make it presentable. It also does not require a lot of energy – usually one “AAA” battery does the trick and lasts in your trimmer for a year. It is highly recommended that you use something as a guide when you are trimming your moustache or you may trim it unevenly and mess up your whole moustache – it only takes a small slip to change a chevron moustache to a cowboy moustache!

Tips on Moustache Grooming

Moustaches can be quite the hassle to keep untarnished and clean. The first and most obvious tip anyone can give you on moustache grooming is to keep bits of dirt and pieces of food out of it. These dirt magnets need to be checked often throughout your day, especially after every meal. Your facial hair also siphons off a good deal of the moisture on your face. This can leave the skin under your moustache dry and flaky so make sure to moisturize it very carefully.

Moustache Grooming

Every moustache owner will also need the two most important tools for moustache grooming: a precise razor and a strong moustache wax. The precision of your razor and the strength of your wax should match the moustache style that you have chosen, or the one nature has chosen for you. In any case, there are few worse sites than an untamed moustache so make sure to keep yours under control.

The Traditional Handlebar Moustache Design

A handlebar moustache is just as the name suggests. It’s a mustache that you can grab hold of, just like handlebars. Wow! To achieve this rather unique looking mustache, it’s essential to use lot’s of wax. Rub the wax into the mustache, then shape accordingly. It’s amazing that many women are actually attracted to men who have this type of mustache.

Handlebar Moustache

A handlebar moustache is an old style, traditional design. Many men who fought in the war had the handlebar mustache. Growing a handlebar mustache is going to take time. Therefore, set aside at least six weeks for your hair to grow to the desired length.

Handlebar Moustache

Do not trim your mustache, even if you want to do so. Be prepared to comb your mustache every day and create a parting by combing the hair out, under the nose. Once you get out of the shower, leave the mustache to dry naturally. Then, when the hair is damp, place some wax on to the upper and lower parts. If the hair is wiry, then apply more wax.

Moustache Trimmer: The Basics

If you are a man (this could apply to some women as well) and you want a quick and painless way to change your appearance, then grow a moustache and pay attention to your moustache trimmer! It can dramatically change the way you look and if you take proper care of it, it can also dramatically change the way the opposite sex looks at you. (If it is not the opposite sex you are worried about impressing this will still apply!)

Moustache Trimming

If you are going to try your hand at growing and wearing your own moustache, though, it is extremely important that you keep it groomed! An essential tool for you to have for moustache grooming will be a trimmer. There are many different kinds to choose from, including those that are chorded and those that are battery powered. Just remember to use precaution when trimming your; there is nothing worse than seeing someone with tiny bits of toilet paper on their face because they have cut it up during the grooming process! (It is not the attention you will be trying to seek!)

Moustache Grooming: A Must!

If you like to sport a moustache, then it is imperative that you keep it looking good with appropriate moustache grooming. Nobody is going to be attracted to someone that has a huge, overgrown moustache that is un-kept. Whether you are looking to impress the ladies, the guys or just yourself, it will be more likely to happen if you keep yours properly groomed.

George Clooney Moustache

There are many different tools and products to help your grooming habits. You can find grooming tools like trimming scissors and motorized trimmer to help keep your moustache in line. Moustache grooming can also involve using products like dye to keep it looking just the way you want.

Jason Giambi Moustache


If your moustache is hard to tame, there are products like moustache wax that are designed to help with this problem. There is o shortage of products to help your moustache achieve the look you are going for. Whether you like yours short and trimmed or sport a longer one, moustache grooming is a must!

The Best Moustache Products

It is the dream of everyman to appear attractive in the eyes of the women. This is one of the reasons why many men dress to kill. One of the ways that men use to enhance their look is by trimming or saving their moustaches. It is however important to note that men actually need the best moustache products and accessories for them to achieve the different moustache styles that they desire. Moustaches are very popular amongst men but the product designers have taken advantage of it to create certain products that are recognizable and fun.

Moustache Tools

There are a wide range of moustache products from snow globes to pencils and handkerchiefs whose inspiration lies in the different types of moustaches that we have. Some of the best moustache products for men include the Moustache Comb and Kent Beard, The Black Moustache Necklace, Moustache Lollipops, Moustaches Pint Glass and the Moustaches Ties just but to mention a few.

Moustache Products

The Best Moustache Philosophy

For everyone who is offers ever wished to understand how to cut the moustache or even how you can cut a facial beard, you need to get the correct tools to really make it occur. Moustaches as well as beards could be managed by easy resources: moustache or even beard brush, scissors, slimmer, and a razor blade within your mens tidying package. Additionally, you will require a reflection and great illumination.

Moustache Grooming Mirror

Moustaches as well as beards tend to be facial functions which has spanned more than hundreds of years. A few men prefer to sports activity only a moustache, while other people prefer to sports activity only a facial beard. From the couple of choices, however, the best moustaches as well as beards happen to be related to interpersonal class in numerous various civilizations.

Ancient Moustaches

These days, best moustaches as well as beards, do not have the exact the same meaning. Rather, they may be just individual style as well as declaration. Whether or not you need a durable appearance, the clean reduced moustache, or perhaps a strong swollen facial beard, the best combination is one that feels good to you and supports your way of life. The moustache and beard should be managed and understood in order to trim the moustache and facial beard. This will be useful when designing and framing the hair on your face.

Best Moustache Products for Guys

The best moustache products are the ones which make you look like a man without ruining your moustache. This includes a whole myriad of creams, styling waxes and grooming kits. The first and foremost best friend of your moustache is a pair of good old scissors. Other common moustache products include razors, tweezers, mini brushes, conditioners and waxes of all imaginable colors and scents. The majority of these products are available in convenient zippered bags and cases which come handy for men who travel.

Moustache Grooming Kit

If you like high-tech gadgets and hassle-free solutions, you should also consider trimmers. Designed specifically to shave, style and trim your mustache AND beard, these devices are perfect for fine-tuning your style. Face trimmers are equipped with adjustable combs and variety of attachments, which allow for perfect trimming and precision contour styling of your moustache. The best moustache products are the ones which you are comfortable with.

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