Famous Moustaches Can Bring Success On The Mound

A number of sports stars have been known to wear a funny & famous mustache in the past. A relief pitcher may be the most likely to sport a funny mustache. The fact is that given how quirky some bullpen guys are, they certainly have time to grow a funny mustache. One of the most famous moustaches in the game of baseball was worn by Rollie Fingers. Rollie did not even give up on the mustache when he was traded to the San Diego Padres.

Rollie Fingers Moustache

Goose Goosage may have had one of the most famous moustaches in baseball history. Gossage was famous due to the record setting number of saves that he racked up during his career. Gossage would surely thank his facial hair for part of his success. Gossage may have been able to intimidate a number of hitters with his mustache. The rumors of Craig Nettles having nightmare about Gossage’s facial hair are unconfirmed.

Goose Goosage Moustache


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