Moustache Styles – For Your Face?

Moustache styles seem to remain fairly consistent over the years, some styles are made famous by actors or other historical figures and depending upon who those people are, you may not want to sport a certain style. For example, it is totally politically incorrect to sport the “hitler” moustache which is a small chunk of moustache just under your nose.

MJ Hitler Moustache

The chevron moustache, made famous by Tom Selleck may make you look as though you just emerged from the 80’s. If you are no good at growing a moustache, then when you try to wear certain moustache styles, it just may not even work for you. Instead, you will look like you have some dirt on your lip and it can be rather humiliating when someone passes you a cloth.

Dale Earnhardt Moustache

No matter what the style, you should consider where it gained notoriety before you sport it on your own lip. Look around at pictures of celebrities or just at other guys walking down the street and get a feel for how your own moustache will look on your face when it grows in.


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