Various Quirky and Funny Moustache Types

Moustaches have been regarded as a symbol of manhood and machismo from medieval times. People developed various styles of moustaches in the last few centuries. Some of those moustache types might be considered funny according to the modern style sense.

The imperial moustache is a type of moustache in which the beard joins in with the moustache and curls upward. This type of moustache grows along with the whiskers growing on the cheek. The name imperial has come from “royal” as it was grown by people who held upper ranks in Scottish army.

Imperial Moustache

Dali is another funny moustache that was popularized by the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. This moustache type needs to be waxed very well because the moustache must remain fully upturned like a devil’s horn.

The Fu Manchu is a moustache that is common among the Chinese and Japanese men. It is different from other moustache types described here as in this case waxing is not required. Long and thin downward pointing moustache is the Fu Manchu style. This style has been adapted and changed in countries like USA and U.K.

Moustache Trimmer: The Basics

If you are a man (this could apply to some women as well) and you want a quick and painless way to change your appearance, then grow a moustache and pay attention to your moustache trimmer! It can dramatically change the way you look and if you take proper care of it, it can also dramatically change the way the opposite sex looks at you. (If it is not the opposite sex you are worried about impressing this will still apply!)

Moustache Trimming

If you are going to try your hand at growing and wearing your own moustache, though, it is extremely important that you keep it groomed! An essential tool for you to have for moustache grooming will be a trimmer. There are many different kinds to choose from, including those that are chorded and those that are battery powered. Just remember to use precaution when trimming your; there is nothing worse than seeing someone with tiny bits of toilet paper on their face because they have cut it up during the grooming process! (It is not the attention you will be trying to seek!)

Stylish Moustache Styles

Who doesn’t love moustaches? Now that issue has been cleared up, the biggest problem to face is which wonderful moustache style to go for!

According to The American Mustache Institute there are thirteen, yes thirteen, impressive moustaches to chose from and all with their own individual, yet equally impressive, moustache style.

Lampshade Moustache

With names such as Fu Manchu, Toothbrush, Lampshade and Walrus, all this is doing is confirming the need to have one of these amazing moustaches!

We shouldn’t forget the iconic moustache style that is ‘The Handlebar’. This moustache style has been sported by many a celebrity and no one could fail to want one….and you could have this moustache style too, all it takes is a little determination and a spot of wax!

Wilford Brimley Diabetes Moustache

To see some more of these wonderfully impressive, must-have moustache styles pop over to

That is if you’re not too busy checking out that awesome moustache….you handsome devil you!

Planning a Moustache Party

If you are running out of cool and fun stuff to do with your friends, what about planning a moustache party? The idea behind the theme is that you MUST wear a moustache – whether you grow it yourself or wear a fake one. One rule behind this theme is that anyone showing up without a moustache will be provided with one.

Moustache Party

Serve treats like cupcakes with moustaches, have a pin the moustache on the actor poster game and take plenty of photos of your friends who look silly and ridiculous with moustaches. One really great game is to have the TV running in the background (with the sound turned down). Place a moustache on the screen and anytime the moustache matches up with someone on the TV screen (on their lip), everyone has to drink a tequila shot.

Moustache TV Party

A moustache party can become an annual event, and planning one to coincide with Movember is a really fantastic idea. It’s up to you to decide whether you will collect donations. Everyone will appreciate the fun idea behind this party idea, and you may be surprised to see friends growing a real moustache in anticipation of your next party!

Moustache Grooming: A Must!

If you like to sport a moustache, then it is imperative that you keep it looking good with appropriate moustache grooming. Nobody is going to be attracted to someone that has a huge, overgrown moustache that is un-kept. Whether you are looking to impress the ladies, the guys or just yourself, it will be more likely to happen if you keep yours properly groomed.

George Clooney Moustache

There are many different tools and products to help your grooming habits. You can find grooming tools like trimming scissors and motorized trimmer to help keep your moustache in line. Moustache grooming can also involve using products like dye to keep it looking just the way you want.

Jason Giambi Moustache


If your moustache is hard to tame, there are products like moustache wax that are designed to help with this problem. There is o shortage of products to help your moustache achieve the look you are going for. Whether you like yours short and trimmed or sport a longer one, moustache grooming is a must!

The Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache is one of the most famous and iconic moustaches. If you tell someone to picture a fancy moustache, it is most likely that they are picturing a handlebar. It is a moustache that curls outward from the face in such a way to closely resemble a handlebar. This type of moustache is typically formed with the use of moustache wax, but one might also use natural curling, hair gel, or even a curling iron.

Handlebar Moustache


Without the use of such things to curve the moustache, it would resemble the less elegant walrus moustache. In fact, the handlebar is nothing but a tamed walrus moustache, and, since almost anyone can grow a walrus moustache, the handlebar is well within the reach of most men. With the availability of cheap razors, the handlebar moustache has become a rare sight just like most facial hair styles, but it has been making a small comeback with the hipster culture.

Three Famous Moustaches

What are some famous moustaches? Perhaps one of the most famous moustaches is silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin sported a toothbrush moustache along with over-sized hats. He began wearing it around 1914 in the Mack Sennett silent comedies because he calimed it gave him a comical look and it ‘added age without changing expression’.

Another famous moustache is that of Lionel Richie. He is known
as the father of Nicole Richie and th lead singer of the Commodores. In his video “Hello”, a blind artist is painting a picture of him with a moustache though she had never seen him.

Lionel Richie Moustache

Groucho Marx displayed one of the most iconic moustaches of all times. Most people don’t realize it was painted on using grease make-up. He did grow a natural moustache later. These are a few famous moustaches in the world. Many of them would look like a different person without them.

Groucho Marx Moustache

Best Moustaches

Some of the best moustaches are those that have people looking at you and thinking, “what a cool stache.” What makes the best stache is largely a matter of preference.

Yosemite Sam Moustache

Some like big Yosemite Sam type handle bar moustaches, some like small pencil type moustaches. One stache that many people seem to like is the big handle bar moustache featured by former major league pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter. He was named so for his big, distinctive moustache that was the focus of his face. It got him lots of noteriety in the pitching world. He was known a much for his moustache as his pitching ability.

Catfish Hunter Moustache


Some people think the best moustaches are the ones that get you noticed, and the moustache featured by this pitcher was no exception to this rule. Moustaches can be great, they keep your lips warm in the winter and can be a chick magnet. Try a handlebar moustache like Cat fish Hunters.

Using the Best Moustache Products

If you have a moustache, then you are going to need to use some great products on it to keep it looking good. There is nothing more unattractive than an un-kept moustache. It does not matter if you are trying to impress the ladies or you just want to feel better when you look in the mirror; you need to use the best moustache products to keep it looking great!


There are many products on the market for taking care of your moustache. There are waxes to keep those wild hairs tame. You can also find many different types of moustache trimmers to keep yours at just the right length. If you like your moustache a little on the longer side, there are even combs designed specifically for your moustache. Whatever kind of moustache you like to keep, using the best moustache products will ensure that you are looking and feeling good!

The Best of All Moustache Styles: The Dali

“Wait, who’s that man walking down the street? And what’s that above his lip? He’s walking down the street with a funky stache, staring off at the sky like he doesn’t care. Oh, it’s the moustache man, he’s got a moustache style that no one can match. Moustache man, oh moustache man, you know what’s real. Please, oh please, take me away.”

Dali Moustache

Do you want the ladies to sing such praises whenever you walk around? Then you need to improve your moustache style. Moustache styles are very varied, with many different types of moustaches inhabiting the upper lips of men. But there is one that will set you apart.

Feast your eyes on this, the best of all moustache styles:

Dali Moustache

It is the fabled Dali. If you grow the Dali, then you will be the envy of all men and the women will fight to get to you. Be warned: the Dali carries heavy responsibilities, including being a dandy, effusive, and a delight. Good luck!

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