Planning a Moustache Party

If you are running out of cool and fun stuff to do with your friends, what about planning a moustache party? The idea behind the theme is that you MUST wear a moustache – whether you grow it yourself or wear a fake one. One rule behind this theme is that anyone showing up without a moustache will be provided with one.

Moustache Party

Serve treats like cupcakes with moustaches, have a pin the moustache on the actor poster game and take plenty of photos of your friends who look silly and ridiculous with moustaches. One really great game is to have the TV running in the background (with the sound turned down). Place a moustache on the screen and anytime the moustache matches up with someone on the TV screen (on their lip), everyone has to drink a tequila shot.

Moustache TV Party

A moustache party can become an annual event, and planning one to coincide with Movember is a really fantastic idea. It’s up to you to decide whether you will collect donations. Everyone will appreciate the fun idea behind this party idea, and you may be surprised to see friends growing a real moustache in anticipation of your next party!


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