Stylish Moustache Styles

Who doesn’t love moustaches? Now that issue has been cleared up, the biggest problem to face is which wonderful moustache style to go for!

According to The American Mustache Institute there are thirteen, yes thirteen, impressive moustaches to chose from and all with their own individual, yet equally impressive, moustache style.

Lampshade Moustache

With names such as Fu Manchu, Toothbrush, Lampshade and Walrus, all this is doing is confirming the need to have one of these amazing moustaches!

We shouldn’t forget the iconic moustache style that is ‘The Handlebar’. This moustache style has been sported by many a celebrity and no one could fail to want one….and you could have this moustache style too, all it takes is a little determination and a spot of wax!

Wilford Brimley Diabetes Moustache

To see some more of these wonderfully impressive, must-have moustache styles pop over to

That is if you’re not too busy checking out that awesome moustache….you handsome devil you!


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