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The Best Moustache Grooming Tips

Moustache grooming is one thing that you should regularly do if you want to look presentable before your folks. Grooming the moustache is something that requires considerable time and attention. When trimming your moustache, there are various tips that you should consider. It is important that you grow a moustache that goes along with your face. This is because of the fact that moustaches usually enhance the way we want to appear before other people. One of the things that you can use to enhance the appearance of your moustaches is the Handlebar or Pencil.

Brian Williams Moustache

When grooming your moustache, it is important that you first f all decide and define the moustache that you wish to have. The type of style that you choose will be determined by the thickness and the length of your moustaches. Moustache grooming requires that you only shave outside the line of the moustache. This will help you clean and trim it properly with a razor blade when you want to achieve a particular symmetry.

Different Moustache Types

Moustaches have been around for ages and have been known to add structure and personality to men’s faces. There are different moustaches types to experiment and have fun; it all depends for the kind of look you are aiming for. Whether serious, geeky, funny or downright ridiculous; there’s always a moustache to accentuate your desired look.

Some moustache types:

Handlebar moustache; this moustache gives you something to turn and twirl by providing graspable extreme ends. The handlebar moustache can make you look evil or genteel; learned and sophisticated or ridiculous, depending on the accompanying look on your face. It is upturned at either ends.

John Travolta Handlebar Moustache

Scraggler moustache; this is the type that grows when you forget to shave or are too busy to get at it. It is undefined, unplanned, unpredictable and with uneven hairs.

Cowboy moustache; this moustache type is similar to a chevron moustache;only that it is ungroomed. It is common among cowboys and sheriffs (if you know what I mean) and may project trust and honor.

Ron Swanson Moustache

Other types include The Chevron, the Devil, American Default Standard, the Combination moustache, The Pencil, the Horseshoe Moustache type amongst others.

Men and Moustache Types

Moustache – this unrivaled symbol of masculinity and style has been used by men to express their persona and social status for centuries, even millennia. Although there are as many moustache types as the men who grow them, facial hair competitions usually differ 6 distinct moustache types: freestyle, English moustache, imperial, Dali, natural and Hungarian. Moustaches are just great because the ladies love them AND you can use them to hide your bad teeth.

Ben Stiller Dodgeball Moustache

An old English saying which says that a man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar might just be true after all! One particular moustache style stands out from the rest – the horseshoe moustache, better known as the “biker moustache”. This iconic and masculine moustache style looks like an inverted horseshoe and was made famous by the American wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan. Growing horseshoe moustache is quite simple; all you have to do is to grow vertical extensions along the corners of your lips!



Why Use a Moustache Trimmer?

If you wear a moustache, then you should definitely use a moustache trimmer. Why? Because it takes a very long time to trim a moustache properly with scissors. Also, facial hair can be quite course and may dull your scissors, and trimming hairs with dull scissors can be aggravating and painful. All it takes is for one hair to get caught in the scissors and it’s an eye watering and tragic event that can leave you afraid to continue with the process.

Moustache Trimmer

A moustache trimmer is great for many reasons. It cuts down on the time required to groom and clean up your moustache and make it presentable. It also does not require a lot of energy – usually one “AAA” battery does the trick and lasts in your trimmer for a year. It is highly recommended that you use something as a guide when you are trimming your moustache or you may trim it unevenly and mess up your whole moustache – it only takes a small slip to change a chevron moustache to a cowboy moustache!

Moustache Styles – For Your Face?

Moustache styles seem to remain fairly consistent over the years, some styles are made famous by actors or other historical figures and depending upon who those people are, you may not want to sport a certain style. For example, it is totally politically incorrect to sport the “hitler” moustache which is a small chunk of moustache just under your nose.

MJ Hitler Moustache

The chevron moustache, made famous by Tom Selleck may make you look as though you just emerged from the 80’s. If you are no good at growing a moustache, then when you try to wear certain moustache styles, it just may not even work for you. Instead, you will look like you have some dirt on your lip and it can be rather humiliating when someone passes you a cloth.

Dale Earnhardt Moustache

No matter what the style, you should consider where it gained notoriety before you sport it on your own lip. Look around at pictures of celebrities or just at other guys walking down the street and get a feel for how your own moustache will look on your face when it grows in.

The Traditional Handlebar Moustache Design

A handlebar moustache is just as the name suggests. It’s a mustache that you can grab hold of, just like handlebars. Wow! To achieve this rather unique looking mustache, it’s essential to use lot’s of wax. Rub the wax into the mustache, then shape accordingly. It’s amazing that many women are actually attracted to men who have this type of mustache.

Handlebar Moustache

A handlebar moustache is an old style, traditional design. Many men who fought in the war had the handlebar mustache. Growing a handlebar mustache is going to take time. Therefore, set aside at least six weeks for your hair to grow to the desired length.

Handlebar Moustache

Do not trim your mustache, even if you want to do so. Be prepared to comb your mustache every day and create a parting by combing the hair out, under the nose. Once you get out of the shower, leave the mustache to dry naturally. Then, when the hair is damp, place some wax on to the upper and lower parts. If the hair is wiry, then apply more wax.

The Best Moustaches Make A Statement

Frank Zappa was someone that had a very unique mustache that made him recognizable in a crowd when he made public appearances. The best moustaches can only assist an artist in being able to get the extra attention that they need to stay relevant in popular culture. Frank Zappa was an eclectic performer that probably would not care if you told him he had one of the best moustaches. Zappa would just continue trying to shock all of his fans with his musical talents and overall flare for the dramatic.

Frank Zappa Moustache
The best moustaches can also appear on very famous public figures. The most famous American public figure to sport an extremely noticeable mustache would be Chester Alan Arthur. Chester Alan Arthur has been able to stay relevant in our minds, partially because of his facial hair. Arthur is also known for taking office following the death of James Garfield. The rumors that Arthur’s facial hair may have played a role in any assassination plot are unfounded. Arthur should certainly get consideration when talking about the best moustaches ever sported by a President. The truth is that the best mustaches are the ones that people remember.

Chester Arthur Moustache

Best Moustache Products Explained

The best moustache products are mostly the ones embracing a funny side and focusing on building a moustache trend among the man. These products are marketing the need of wearing a moustache in very stylish and satirical way.

Best moustache products are including: neck ties, coffee cups, t-shirts ,badges, men-hats and a lot more distinguished and innovative products for the moustache freaks.

Moustache Products

There is a cup which is different and innovative ,practical and required for man wearing a moustache.

Best moustache products are those who are cheering you up and making you break the social rules ”with expanding your personality, making you self confident and making you feel good about wearing moustaches.

Moustaches are cool, moustaches are extravagant. That’s the way one product should make you feel, filling you with self confident energy which is very important in life on every ladder you can step through.

Various Quirky and Funny Moustache Types

Moustaches have been regarded as a symbol of manhood and machismo from medieval times. People developed various styles of moustaches in the last few centuries. Some of those moustache types might be considered funny according to the modern style sense.

The imperial moustache is a type of moustache in which the beard joins in with the moustache and curls upward. This type of moustache grows along with the whiskers growing on the cheek. The name imperial has come from “royal” as it was grown by people who held upper ranks in Scottish army.

Imperial Moustache

Dali is another funny moustache that was popularized by the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. This moustache type needs to be waxed very well because the moustache must remain fully upturned like a devil’s horn.

The Fu Manchu is a moustache that is common among the Chinese and Japanese men. It is different from other moustache types described here as in this case waxing is not required. Long and thin downward pointing moustache is the Fu Manchu style. This style has been adapted and changed in countries like USA and U.K.

Moustache Trimmer: The Basics

If you are a man (this could apply to some women as well) and you want a quick and painless way to change your appearance, then grow a moustache and pay attention to your moustache trimmer! It can dramatically change the way you look and if you take proper care of it, it can also dramatically change the way the opposite sex looks at you. (If it is not the opposite sex you are worried about impressing this will still apply!)

Moustache Trimming

If you are going to try your hand at growing and wearing your own moustache, though, it is extremely important that you keep it groomed! An essential tool for you to have for moustache grooming will be a trimmer. There are many different kinds to choose from, including those that are chorded and those that are battery powered. Just remember to use precaution when trimming your; there is nothing worse than seeing someone with tiny bits of toilet paper on their face because they have cut it up during the grooming process! (It is not the attention you will be trying to seek!)

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