The Best Moustaches Make A Statement

Frank Zappa was someone that had a very unique mustache that made him recognizable in a crowd when he made public appearances. The best moustaches can only assist an artist in being able to get the extra attention that they need to stay relevant in popular culture. Frank Zappa was an eclectic performer that probably would not care if you told him he had one of the best moustaches. Zappa would just continue trying to shock all of his fans with his musical talents and overall flare for the dramatic.

Frank Zappa Moustache
The best moustaches can also appear on very famous public figures. The most famous American public figure to sport an extremely noticeable mustache would be Chester Alan Arthur. Chester Alan Arthur has been able to stay relevant in our minds, partially because of his facial hair. Arthur is also known for taking office following the death of James Garfield. The rumors that Arthur’s facial hair may have played a role in any assassination plot are unfounded. Arthur should certainly get consideration when talking about the best moustaches ever sported by a President. The truth is that the best mustaches are the ones that people remember.

Chester Arthur Moustache


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