The Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache is one of the most famous and iconic moustaches. If you tell someone to picture a fancy moustache, it is most likely that they are picturing a handlebar. It is a moustache that curls outward from the face in such a way to closely resemble a handlebar. This type of moustache is typically formed with the use of moustache wax, but one might also use natural curling, hair gel, or even a curling iron.

Handlebar Moustache


Without the use of such things to curve the moustache, it would resemble the less elegant walrus moustache. In fact, the handlebar is nothing but a tamed walrus moustache, and, since almost anyone can grow a walrus moustache, the handlebar is well within the reach of most men. With the availability of cheap razors, the handlebar moustache has become a rare sight just like most facial hair styles, but it has been making a small comeback with the hipster culture.


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