The Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache is characterized by long and upward curving ends (extremities). The name handlebar is derived from the moustaches resembles to the handles found on the bicycle. Handle bar moustaches are sometimes referred to as spaghetti moustaches.

Handlebar Moustache

The name spaghetti moustache given to handlebar moustache is due to its association stereotypically with Italian men.

Handle bar moustaches is made possible by use of the moustache wax. By making the extremities of the handlebar moustache the greater the dramatic appearance is achieved. Handlebar moustaches worn without the use of wax or grooming the handlebar moustache style resembles Walrus moustache style closely.

Walrus Moustache

Handlebar club is a club made by aficionados of handlebar moustache. The club is based in London. The club has a requirement of one having handlebar moustache as a requirement for its membership. It is among the oldest whisker club ever founded. Handlebar moustache appeared in later 19th century, it was worn by Wild West personalities like Wyatt Earp. In Europe soldiers embraced Handlebar moustache during World War 1.

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