Three Famous Moustaches

What are some famous moustaches? Perhaps one of the most famous moustaches is silent film star Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin sported a toothbrush moustache along with over-sized hats. He began wearing it around 1914 in the Mack Sennett silent comedies because he calimed it gave him a comical look and it ‘added age without changing expression’.

Another famous moustache is that of Lionel Richie. He is known
as the father of Nicole Richie and th lead singer of the Commodores. In his video “Hello”, a blind artist is painting a picture of him with a moustache though she had never seen him.

Lionel Richie Moustache

Groucho Marx displayed one of the most iconic moustaches of all times. Most people don’t realize it was painted on using grease make-up. He did grow a natural moustache later. These are a few famous moustaches in the world. Many of them would look like a different person without them.

Groucho Marx Moustache


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