Top 3 Most Famous Moustaches Of All Time

Having a moustache is undoubtedly considered classy and elegant by most people, both men and women. Usually, the image of a moustache is somehow associated with famous people like Salvador Dali, Hulk Hogan or even Clark Gable; nowadays, however, it’s often more associated with the general image of an English gentleman (thanks to sites like Reddit or 9gag).

But if we were to make a top 3 of the most famous moustaches of all time, then they would definitely be associated with:

1) Freddie Mercury, the British singer. In fact, Freddie’s moustache was has been so popular that in 2009, his moustache was voted as Britain’s favourite moustache.

Freddie Mercury Moustache2

2) Salvador Dali, the painter. It’s simply impossible to not recognize a Dali portrait: big eyes and a semi shaved moustache that has been raised only in the extremities, not to mention his insanely large top of the head.

Dali Moustache

3) Hulk Hogan, America’s favorite wrestler. It’s impossible to mention Hulk Hogan and not think about his long moustache. Although it looked pretty cool to some people and it was definitely a brand for him, most of the Europeans often associated him with Santa.

Hulk Hogan Moustache


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