Different Moustache Types

Moustaches have been around for ages and have been known to add structure and personality to men’s faces. There are different moustaches types to experiment and have fun; it all depends for the kind of look you are aiming for. Whether serious, geeky, funny or downright ridiculous; there’s always a moustache to accentuate your desired look.

Some moustache types:

Handlebar moustache; this moustache gives you something to turn and twirl by providing graspable extreme ends. The handlebar moustache can make you look evil or genteel; learned and sophisticated or ridiculous, depending on the accompanying look on your face. It is upturned at either ends.

John Travolta Handlebar Moustache

Scraggler moustache; this is the type that grows when you forget to shave or are too busy to get at it. It is undefined, unplanned, unpredictable and with uneven hairs.

Cowboy moustache; this moustache type is similar to a chevron moustache;only that it is ungroomed. It is common among cowboys and sheriffs (if you know what I mean) and may project trust and honor.

Ron Swanson Moustache

Other types include The Chevron, the Devil, American Default Standard, the Combination moustache, The Pencil, the Horseshoe Moustache type amongst others.


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