Various Quirky and Funny Moustache Types

Moustaches have been regarded as a symbol of manhood and machismo from medieval times. People developed various styles of moustaches in the last few centuries. Some of those moustache types might be considered funny according to the modern style sense.

The imperial moustache is a type of moustache in which the beard joins in with the moustache and curls upward. This type of moustache grows along with the whiskers growing on the cheek. The name imperial has come from “royal” as it was grown by people who held upper ranks in Scottish army.

Imperial Moustache

Dali is another funny moustache that was popularized by the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali. This moustache type needs to be waxed very well because the moustache must remain fully upturned like a devil’s horn.

The Fu Manchu is a moustache that is common among the Chinese and Japanese men. It is different from other moustache types described here as in this case waxing is not required. Long and thin downward pointing moustache is the Fu Manchu style. This style has been adapted and changed in countries like USA and U.K.


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