Worldly Moustache Types

Most people in countries all over the world consider moustaches as a sign of masculinity. The manliest men seem to have moustaches. There are many moustache types. Some moustaches look funny as well. While some moustaches are clumsy, some men take extreme care to trim their moustache and make it look beautiful.


There are many neat moustache types. For example moustache adds charm to men like Chuck Norris and Tom Selleck. Hulk Hogan’s moustache is also popular among his fans around the world. In general, you can classify moustaches as Freestyle, Imperial, Dali, Hungarian, Pencil, English, Natural, Pancho Villa, Horse Shoe, Handlebar, Toothbrush, Chevron, the GG, Walrus and Fu Manchu.

Pencil Moustache

Some men have moustaches of their own style. They create a new type of moustache and maintain it with lots of care. They spend a lot of time to maintain it. It’s not easy to maintain the same shape unless you trim it and maintain it properly. You can find different moustache types over here.

Curly Moustache


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